The SKO is a collectively run, all-ages venue located in Water Street Village.


We provide a space for bands, artists, and anyone interested in joining a creative community. We are not profit-oriented. Our goal is to help bands and artists first. We also encourage anyone and everyone to participate. If you'd like to help around the venue, just ask!


If you're interested in making a creative effort but aren't sure where to start, the co-owners of our space would be happy to help. With previous involvement in touring bands, zines, record labels, art, and more, our collective has a really versed background! If you're curious, ask away.

NOTICE: As an all ages venue, we do not allow drinking or drugs on our premises. Smoking cigarrettes is only allowed in the courtyard. This rule provides a safe environment for younger people involved in the local music scene and keeps our venue out of trouble with law enforcement.

505 S Water Street #517 Corpus Christi, TX 78401